Poland Radio Racja
Radio Racja

Radio Racja

Country: Poland
Genres : poprocktalk

Round the clock on a wave 98,1 FM in Bialystok, Grodno, Volkovysk, Shchuchyn, Lida, Masty, Moon, Sopotskin, Berestovitsa, Skidel, Indore, Zelve, lakes, Hajnowka, Bielsko Podlaski, Semyatichah, T-shirt, Augustow yes to 99, 2 FM in: Brest, White, Podlaskie, Kamenetz, a tall, Malaryta. On the Polish-Belarusian borderland Radio The radio covers the territory that is inhabited by about 2.5 miliona osób. Radio The radio can be listened to over the entire band of the Polish-Belarusian abroad

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