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Your True Comforter

Comforter Radio TV

Saha Mohan C Lazarus, Founder


Comforter Radio TV The services that Jesus delivers, Nalumwadi India. Growing up in a strong Hindu background, colleague Mohan C. Lazarus was so hostile to the gospel that he could not comprehend Jesus divinity and the spiritual and gospel purpose of believers.

His life took a sudden turn when he experienced a miraculous cure for an unsolved heart disease. From then on, he embraced Jesus as his Lord and personal Savior and gave himself up to serve God throughout his life.

Their call to stand on Pauls voyage to save every ruined soul and save the nation from the wrath of God. Comfort TV is a vision given by God to meet every soul in every corner of the world and to prepare the world for the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Comforter Radio TV (Why This Digital Channel?)


The Comforter TV, led by Jesus, is a service-led service that empowers every soul in the world through a digital media platform. Includes English, Arabic, Mandarin (Chinese), Hebrew ... languages.

Comfort TV is co-authored by Vincent Selva Kumar and colleague Mohan C. Lazarus was formed by the vision God gave him, with the sole purpose of carrying the Gospel to the ends of the earth and thereby preparing the nations for the second coming of Jesus Christ. Comforter TV proves its uniqueness by addressing the different circumstances, struggles and needs of each precious soul, by giving them hope and hope in life and comforting them in Christ, the eternal Comforter. We are Special Android App, available in ios and any upcoming digital formats. Comforter TV is an adequate adventure searching for souls everywhere, doing the service of Jesus Christ.

In a world of sorrows, rejections, burdens, sickness and suffering, the need for hope and comfort is high. The heart-shaped vacuum of God in every heart cannot fill or replace even the greatest wealth and bliss the world can ever offer. The true rest comes from the words of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, and of the satisfaction of His soul.The true rest comes from the words of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, and of the satisfaction of His soul. Comforter TVs mission is to take this gospel to the suffering humanity and thereby lead them to eternity through emptiness. And helping to deliver the gospel of Jesus Christ beyond the nations. Although this may seem like a big task at the outset, it has helped us to realize the purpose of His glory for those of us who have faith in God and His promise.

With digital media increasingly playing a role in reaching the masses, Comforter TV is ready to broadcast the good news across all digital OTT platforms. Its ultimate aspiration

  • The truth is in the minds of the people amidst the rapidly spreading variety of false teachings.

  • Make people aware of the prophecies of the last days and encourage them to watch, pray and be prepared for the result.

  • Pray and work for the protection and livelihood of India because it is Gods will to start life from India to the whole world.

  • Praying and working for the protection and survival of the nation of Israel, because it accompanies the second coming of Jesus Christ.

  • Each program broadcast here focuses on prayer and the earnings of souls. We promise that there is a consolation and a word of hope for every viewer who sees us from any part of the world.


Our Mission & Vision (Vision and Purpose)

Our walkthrough

It is the comforting, restoring and renewing life in Jesus Christ through the word of God, which is spiritually and lively, which is a true comfort for the thirsty and burdened humanity and affirms life.

Our purpose

Our mission is to quench the deep and unnoticed longing of souls for the love of Christ, and for humanity and for the great commission of Jesus Christ. Improvement. Our mission is to expose false teachings, interpret the prophecies of the last days, and prepare Israel and India for the end of the last days.

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