Online Radio Directories

The directories of online radio stations  for free internet are a great way to tune free broadcasters around the world in one place.

An  online radio directory  is a site that groups together on its web platform or app most of the stations that we can tune in for free in the world.
To have a greater audience, we have to register and register a station  if possible in all the  free online radio directories  that you can find and for this there are many of them to enter our online station easily.
That is why we show you some of the best online directories out there to help you in the hard task of getting new listeners and to make the station much easier to find.
Once we have created our internet stations, it is very important to get and  give it all the visibility possible so that they can find it without problem anywhere in the world.

Thank you all for making our website one of the most visited in the world and where you can find all the information to listen to free stations on the Internet or promote your radio station to have more listeners.

Registering your radio in online radio directories is important

Registering your radio in online radio directories is important

Well, let’s look at some of the  internet radio directories and the perfect directory to register your free radio station so that they find it or listen to it much more easily through the internet.

Directories of Internet Radios

The truth is that there are many platforms that have the information and the stream of hundreds of radio stations but we show you the most interesting when it comes to making them known.

Directory of radios in Tunein

Registering your radio in online radio directories is important!

It is one of the reference portals to listen to online stations anywhere both through its website and a mobile application that already has millions of downloads and is one of the most used.
So it is very interesting to be able to register a radio in  TuneIn  to be found very easily.

Unfortunately in early 2020 TuneIn stopped accepting new radio stations to its directory. now you can only update if you already have a radio registered in tunein.

Link to update your radio in tunein Click Here:


Raddios  is an application of the Portal which is one of the most important directories of online radio stations in America and the rest of the world. On the web you can create your own list of radios to listen to your favorite stations every day.
You can also easily register it and it can be heard by any user of this fantastic platform.

Register your Radio at in this Link:

Register Online Radios in Streema

The form is in English, but it is simple and easy to understand. Among other information, it will ask us for the name of the station, alternative name, type of broadcast, frequency, language, city, URL of the audio source of the signal, gender (s) of the station, and contact information.

It will also ask us to know if it is an affiliated station (of a network of stations), and, optionally, information such as a slogan, a descriptive text and the logo and Social Networks. This platform is very interesting in this world.

To register our station in this directory called  Streema , we must access this link and fill in the fields that are requested:

Registering your radio in online radio directories is important


Ivoox  is also a website that in addition to having thousands of programs and audios of all kinds, you can also upload and register your station in its  directory of online radios . To do this you have to fill in the fields detailing the characteristics of the station you want to upload. You will also have to insert the logo or image of the station for free. In the field called “Player web page”, you must enter the streaming url of the station created. If everything has gone well in a few days, the stations will become part of the Ivoox free radio directory, you can do so through this Link . 

Registering your radio in online radio directories is important

Additional radio directories

There are many other excellent online radio directories. Although you should take the time and effort to submit your station to the directories, it will ultimately go a long way toward growing your station and making it more visible. Note that most directories will need your station information and your broadcast URL or broadcast link to submit.

This is by no means a comprehensive list as there are tons of directories so some Google searches may provide more options that you can submit to. In fact, there are many specific directories, so if your station fits into a few different categories, look for directories that target those categories.

Clearly, there are tons of directories and even these are not all. The more directories that appear on your radio station, the more visible it will be and the more likely it will win listeners. Obviously submitting your station takes a long time, so set an easy goal to submit to 2 new directories each week, for example. If you set a small, achievable goal like this, pretty soon your station will be in tons of directories, making it that much more visible!